Who We Are:

Clicks Xpress Promotions is a small business diversifying mainly in the area of Art, Graphics, illustrating and Publishing.
We do venture into other areas of opportunities if we see them, and if it doesn’t disadvantage any of our main stream business activities, ethics and values.

Mission & Values:

To be the best in all we do and to be an oasis for those who seek empowerment, motivation to excel, and appreciation of creativity.

Aims & Objectives:

Clicks Xpress Promotions strives to produce children’s books that are creatively and colourfully presented, addressing important cultural and day to day life issues but in a fun and tasteful way.

Clicks Xpress Promotions aims to be a site where good art, presenting mainly Australian life and landscapes, can be exhibited or sold.

Illustrating & Graphics
Clicks Xpress Promotions can provide services in the area of illustrating and graphics.